Wearing Red in the Snow ..

Beret : Primark , Scarf : Paris and Coat: Topshop
In my last post I told you how much I love to wear bright colours in the snow. I really like wearing red (even when it’s not Christmas) because it’s such a feel good colour and is very fitting with the brilliant white snow. I have such a soft spot for the snow and I don’t even mind the ice. I like to wrap up warm pull on a pair of my boots and go for a long crunchy walk with a stop in a cosy pub with a fire for fish and chips. I haven’t actually done that since it snowed but if it stays or maybe we get another fall I will make sure that I do so. Do you like crunching through the snow or has the novelty worn off now ?
You may noticed that my skin doesn’t look so fab in the photograph. It has been reacting to the heating in my home, I have turned my radiator off and have been using some of my favourite creams to help fix it. I am pleased too say that it is much better now, it’s not fully back to normal but it should be within the next few days.

I was thinking of sharing the creams which have been helping me out over the past few weeks, would you be interested ?

Also, does anyone else find that their skin can get irritated when it’s very warm in the house ?

I think that it’s all down to the weather being so cold and then coming home to a warm toasty house and it can just really drain your skin of all moisture. I personally have to be very careful and have also noticed that the bags under my eyes have bags so have been using extra eye cream. This is due to my poor skin being so tired.. and not for a lack of sleep for once.