Orange and Yellow..

Hello everyone !

I woke up this morning craving bright yellow and orange, I looked in my wardrobe and there was the odd item of clothing to fix my craving but it wasn’t suitable for the weather we are having. I have decided that the best way to incorporate yellow and orange into an outfit right now is via a statement bag. A bag which will jump out and catch the eye of people passing by and which will add a delightful bright blast of colour to your outfits. I like using ASOS because you can find the things you are looking for by just inputting the colour. There are lots of fun brightly coloured bags over at ASOS at the moment. Are you wearing many bright warm colours at the moment ?

orange and yellow


Last night I spent some time looking at photographs from last summer, I think this is why I woke up craving beautiful warm colours. I do love the snow and I am not wishing it away but at the same time I will be very happy when summer comes around and I can fully embrace warm colours into my daily outfits.