My Sunday : What I wore : 26/02/12

What I wore

We had lovely weather here on Sunday, I even took my coat off it was that warm – I know I know! It’s true though, the sun was shining and Southwold beach was looking lovely. I was wearing black tights again because I was too lazy to dig out my collection of summer tights. I obviously went straight for wearing my red Converse¬†because they are bright and comfy and I knew I was going for a long walk. I walked down the beach and across a field or two and I now fully have the craving for festivals. Are you going to any festivals this year? I can’t decide which to go to.¬†

converse and skirt

This is my favourite skirt from Topshop, I have had it for such a long time now and it will be sticking around this summer too. I am thinking of getting my sister to make me a few skirts in the same style but with some interesting fabrics I have found over the past year or so and not done much with. Do any of you make your own clothes? I really wish I had the time to do it, but because my sister does it so well I have become lazy.

Southwold beach

It really could be summer couldn’t it! The sunshine actually gave me the motivation I needed to go running on Saturday and Sunday. I am not home during the week at the moment so haven’t been running but may see if there is a gym I can join on a monthly basis. I am enjoying the running more and more (kind of) and hope to keep going with it.


converse blur

converse yo

Converse shoes, Topshop skirt and coat, Scar РParis..I think. 

Sorry for hammering my Converse lately, I promise to wear my other shoes next time.