Dry Skin Care Essentials: Part 3

Hello everyone! Here is part 3 of my Dry Skin Care Essentials. These are products I have been using for a while and if I find new products which are good for dry skin then they will be added. Most of these products (with a few exceptions) wouldn’t be so good for people with oily skin as they are very thick creams. Products such as the eye cream, lip cream and the hydrating spray would be fine for all skin types.

Part 1 and Part 2.


I first used the A’kin Hydrating Mist quite some time ago via Mypure and you can read what I thought of it here. Since then I have gone on to purchase a second bottle which has so far lasted me over 6 months. It’s not a product I need to use daily but something which I use when my skin is feeling extra dry. I find myself using it in the morning or after a shower to quickly hydrate my skin after the heat from the shower has drained it.


The A’kin Hydrating Mist smells of rose petals, it’s not an overpowering scent but lovely and light. I have had no irritation to my skin during my time using this mist. 

Price: £14.99 at Mypure : I think that £14.99 is a good price for a product which lasts a very long time and is going to help to keep your skin moisturised. I think that if you are a student / working part time then maybe this is a luxury product. What I mean by this is that spending your money on a a good moisturiser could be best. If you can afford to pay out for an extra product to help keep your skin lovely and fresh then I would say go for it, if it’s a struggle for you to afford then don’t do it. You can always just put extra face cream on.

I will continue to buy this each time it runs out, if you know of any other hydrating mists which will be good for sensitive skin as well as dry skin then please let me know.

The next product is one you will all know well and it is Carmex. I use a wide variety of lip balms and have 5 which I think are really fantastic. It just so happens that the one I was using whilst my skin was very bad was Carmex. I sometimes get cuts in the side of my lips if I have been having dairy so Carmex really helps to fix me. I am also a big fan of Blistex but haven’t used it in quite some time. 
Price: It changes from £1 – £3 : As this is a product which works I am happy to pay a few pounds for it, I have a few local shops where it costs only £1 so I tend to head there. I personally don’t think that the other flavours/scents of Carmex as as good as the original which could be due to my skin being very sensitive.
The only downside to Carmex is that when the weather gets cold it goes hard and it’s a pain to use. When I was in Austria I actually couldn’t use it at all, so if you are going away somewhere cold then leave the Carmex at home. 

Do you have any recommendations of good products for very dry skin?