Saturday 26/02/12

Hello everyone, this is a quick post to share some photos from a little walk I went on in the afternoon. I went to the shop and then decided to carry on down to the beach. I had already been for a walk in the morning but forgot my SD card so I couldn’t take any photos which was a bit of a pain. I got myself a new tripod this morning so I am looking forward to taking some outfit photos tomorrow. Oh I haven’t updated you on my running for a while and that’s because it hasn’t been happening due to being away for work. I did go for a run today which was good and I am going to go for one tomorrow morning. 
I hope you all had a fab Saturday! I am stuck on Tumblr at the moment but hopefully I wont fall asleep too late and will be able to get up and go for my run in the morning. I am looking forward to work next week and am also going to be booking some tickets to London because I fancy a bit of shopping. If any of you fancy meeting for drinks or shopping then just let me know. 
Southwold sky and birds
Southwold beach
Southwold beach