Summer dreams..

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I have been dreaming about summer most of this week. Bright and pastel colours are not the only things I am excited for this summer. I am also ready for the festival season and have been browsing the different ones to try and decide which I should be going to. Are you going to any festivals? Festival season always means you have to make the right decision about which shoes to take with you.  The festival season for me means Converse and Hunters. Actually, my year is usually split equally by wearing Hunters, Vans and Converse so this isn’t really much of a change. My point is that when you go to festival in the summer sunshine there is nothing better than a pair of Converse with denim cut offs and a band tshirt (a band you know!). If it rains then pull on a pair of wellies and it will still be a fab and easy outfit. I blogged (here) about how I am most comfortable in a pair of Converse or Vans and have decided that I really must start adding more to my collection. I don’t own any high top trainers at the moment so I am thinking I will get the high top version of the american Converse you can see above. 
You can even design your own converse which I think would be really fun to do. I am shockingly bad at making decision so I think it’s going to be quite some time till I decide what I want but when I do I will be sure to show you! Have you ever designed your own Converse? When I was at uni I used to get my friends to doodle on my kicks which was always fun! It’s best if you have a friend who can doodle very well and just let them create you something totally unique.
I am back home for the weekend and am looking forward to taking a walk down the beach with my camera. I am quite sleepy right now but I am going to spend a little time designing my own Converse and playing on Tumblr. I hope everyone is well and has something nice planned for the weekend. I will be sharing some outfit photos this weekend and maybe I will even have a Youtube video to upload for you.

Edit: Yo! I didn’t realise how cheesy the title of this post was! Sorry kids.