Dr Martens – Love or Hate?

Hello everyone. Today is hump day (not like that..cheeky) it’s the middle of the week and it means only two working days till the weekend. I think this is an American term, it was trending on Twitter and I guess the reasoning behind it makes sense. They say that Tuesday is a ‘nothing’ day, Monday is a dull day and then Wednesday (hump day) rolls round and people become happy because it means the week is nearly done. I personally try not to wish the week away, I like to make the most of everyday (I bet this is starting to annoy some of you) as I said in this post but I am really looking forward to this weekend. I have a trip to London – hello civilisation and will be seeing a few friends, doing some shopping and drinking some cocktails. I have a few more trips to London coming up over the next few weeks so give me a shout if you are knocking about too. 
Anyway, the point of this post is to talk to you about Dr Martens. I really like them on other people but I sometimes think they can be a little harsh or chunky to go with the outfits I wear. I have found three pairs below which I really like. I am keen to get the 1460 Print Floral print because I think the pattern is really pretty and I think they would look fab with white tights or various pastel shades during the summer. 

Dr Martens

I think it would be really good for me to have a pretty pair of shoes which (other than Converse) will be good for walking in. I have been on websites looking for shoes this evening and I keep finding my way back to Docs. My grandma has a pair of docs and she loves them, so I know for a fact that she will give me a thumbs up. The other styles in the picture are then Castel Print and the Black Patent ones. I like both of these but feel I need a lighter colour.
The only reason I am a little unsure is that I am worried that I am not tall enough for Dr Martens. I keep thinking that everyone I have seen them in are of a normal height. I am a little on the short side and I don’t want them to give the illusion that my legs are even shorter. I think what I will have to do is try a pair on in the shops and then order the style I want online. 
What do you think of Dr Martens?