Making Easter Simnel Cupcakes…

At the weekend I was back at home home and made a batch of easter cupcakes, they were simnel cupcakes which I have never made before. Simnel easter cupcakes are delightfully easy to and you can find the full recipe here but I had added a little information to the photographs which I hope helps. This is a photo heavy post (I hate that phrase) so I hope it doesn’t bug you.

With everything I make I like to remind you all that if you don’t like something within the recipe then you can simply change it. You don’t have to do exactly as the recipe says, you can make it your own but use it as a little guidance. I didn’t have golden caster sugar so I used a mixture of white and brown. Simple.

I also made my own mixed spice by adding cinnamon, coriander, ginger and nutmeg.









Tiny cupcake
Don’t forget the full recipe is here.

I am thinking of making an easter cake at the weekend but I can’t decide between a simnel or carrot one. Which would you like to see me bake? Hold up…! I have just spotted the cake pops which I am very tempted to make.

I hope you all had a good Tuesday.