Dry Skin Care Essentials: Lush Dream Wash

I mentioned in Skin Care Essentials 3  how much I love the Dream Cream from Lush. I am now going to tell you about Dreamwash which is the shower smoothie version of the Dream Cream. Finding a variety of Lush products I can use has been such a delight. I would often go into Lush and walk around thinking there was nothing that would be suitable for my skin. Oh how I was wrong. 
Dreamwash is a lovely thick consistency which is almost like clay (but softer). I was unsure how I would feel about using a smoothie wash as opposed to a shower gel but it was very easy to get used to. I think we are all instantly suspicious of a soap which doesn’t foam up in your hands, but we must remember that just because there is no foaming agent in a product that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to make you clean and lovely. 
Dreamwash has caused no irritation to my skin since I have been using it (nearly 2 months now). I use a very small amount and apply it all over my body but avoid my face. I think this has a very relaxing scent and although it is a very light smell it is satisfying and calming. I have heard some people say they found Dreamwash drying, I personally haven’t had that problem with it and I am someone whose skin and eczema can be irritated very easily. I don’t put it directly onto any patches of eczema but instead let it wash over those areas and then follow up after the shower with Dream Cream or Bio Oil. If you have eczema or very dry skin you must ensure you are using a variety of good products which work for you!
Price: £9.25 – If Dreamwash continues to be beneficial for my skin I will be buying it again. I will however continue trying new shower gels/smoothies so that I can find a few that work well for me at different times of the year. Dreamwash has lasted me nearly two months and I still have lots of it left to use so there is definitely a fantastic amount of product in the pot for the price.  
I sadly can’t use the beautiful Snow Fairy shower gel, it gives my skin heat lumps. This often happens when I use shampoo or shower gel which contains sodium laureth so I try to avoid these kinds of products. I passed my bottle of Snow Fairy onto my friend Helen who loved it and found she had not irritation to her skin with it. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to products but if you do tend to have very sensitive skin I would recommend avoiding Snow Fairy (which is only around at Christmas) and instead use Dreamwash.
Have any of you used Dreamwash..what are your thoughts on it?