Keeping warm with a coffee. .

Sunday in Southwold was all about rain and wind. My mum and I decided to drive down to the pier and have a catch up over coffee and (share) cake! It was lovely being inside the warm coffee shop and looking out over the crazy sea. Winter is back in full swing here and my favourite thing to do is be inside, warm (obviously) and sit around reading as the rain hits against my bedroom window. I don’t think I am alone in these thoughts but we must remember those who aren’t luck enough to be able to grab a warm coffee when it’s cold or to be able to sit inside a home and shelter away from the weather. It’s at times like this that I am really thankful for how lucky I am. One of my favourite charities is Shelter and I always try to take my unwanted things to the Shelter shop. I just wanted to reminded you all that some are not as lucky as us and if you do think of having a clear out and want to take your unwanted items the Shelter charity shop then you can find the nearest one here.
I didn’t mean for this post to be able where you can donate your unwanted clothes and items to but there is no harm in reminding everyone is there. It came across my mind today and now I am sharing my thoughts with you, maybe you will share them with someone else!