Munio Candela: Cloves

This is the second Munio candle I have used, I loved the first one and have also been very happy with my second choice. I picked the cloves soy wax candle c/o Mypure as I always love the Christmas scents. The Munio candles look very pretty and you can really tell they are natural and yet are still very strongly scented. What I like best about this Munio candle is that it is full of fresh cloves which really makes the candle give off lots of fragrance even before it’s lit.
The only little issue with the Munio candle is that I find it burns down to the bottom without the sides of the candle melting. I am then left with the shell of the candle which would burn for another two hours if it had melted as the rest of the candle did. Is there something I could do about this ?
Price: £11.00 – I think that for a candle with no horrible chemicals, smells beautiful and burns for a good few weeks the this is a fair price. Paying out for expensive candles isn’t at the top of my list but I find that every now and then I want to treat myself to a candle. It usually comes at the time when I have done a spring clean in my bedroom and I would much rather spend a little extra and buy a candle that wasn’t going to be damaging to my health. I would be likely to repurchase a Munio candle just before summer and I am thinking I will try the Inspiration candle.
How much would you spend on a candle?