New shoes for a new weekend..

prettygreentea loves new shoes
Hello everyone! I just got back from Norwich and I am very pleased to be home. I was also delighted to be met by lots of post which included two pairs of new shoes
I bet some of you think I already own enough Converse, but in my opinion they are very versatile and so easy to match up with any kinds of outfits. They are very handy in summer and this is why I decided on having another white pair. I wore my last white pair of Converse to death but they treated me well over the years I had them. This new pair look lovely and crisp but I wont mind when they get worn in because it brings them to life a little. I doubt I will be wearing them till the summer because I don’t want to ruin them in the rain. I hope the summer comes soon, I really am craving warm sunshine and please please let’s get rid of the rain for a while. I think I need to get myself some high tops  because I don’t have any in my collection at the moment. Do you like high tops or low tops best?
I was going to order the flatforms in black but they didn’t have my size and I am really glad because the yellow are very fun and another shoes which is going to be perfect for summer. I also thought that a flatform would be fab for work, I am not keen on wearing heels all day and then popping on my flats to walk home. I would like to not have to carry an extra pair of shoes with me because they always take up so much room in my bag. I am hoping that these flatforms will fix my problems. ASOS actually have quite a few styles in at the moment. I can see myself building up quite a collection of flatforms over the next few months!
What do you think of flatforms?