What my Mum Wore..

This is the bag my mum has been using lately. Like me she loves animal prints, not leopard print but prints of birds and rabbits. I spotted this bag in John Lewis the other month and I knew it was perfect for her so I dashed around trying to find her. I finally found her at the Clarins counter and she put everything down to come and see it quickly as it was the last one. My mum isn’t a big shopper, she is very careful about what she buys but even she knew that this bag was made for her. 

This bag is my Fossil which has always been a brand my mum has liked. She isn’t big on brand names but whenever she would pick up a watch or a bag it would be by Fossil and this time was the same. They have other beautiful prints of this bag over on their website, I would love to get myself one when I have a little extra cash. My mum and I both like that this bag has a long strap and a short strap! 
Do you like Fossil ?

What is your favourite style of handbag?