Saving shoes for summer..

This week has been delightfully sunny and hot and I have been rocking 90 denier tights. Yes, I even purchased a new pair in the middle of the week and Accessorize had packed their tights away because spring has arrived. I really hope it lasts as I have been stuck in an office working during the week (I am not complaining) but I do hope the sunshine lasts till the weekend so I can go to the beach and read (rock and roll). I am really excited to really start making use of my summer shoes, I find during the winter months I am usually wearing the same three pairs of shoes or boots but summer allows for much more of a variety. 
So I have started off with the news we all knew already, spring is here which means summer is just round the corner. I am sick of seeing people type ‘spring has sprung‘, I was going to do it myself within something I was writing at work but very glad I decided against it. Every PR email has started with that this week and it’s been all over the Twitter feeds. Spring has arrived; let’s embrace it with colourful clothes, summer shoes and fun music
If the sunshine sticks around at the weekend I will be wearing my yellow or white Converse with a good old floral dress. I will actually be quite annoyed if the sun runs away. I have quite a collection of shoes which have been waiting for a warm sunny day so they can make an appearance. 
The Couleur Pourpre I am wearing in the photograph I am wearing are beautiful but I still haven’t managed to wear them outside of the house because they really are strictly summer only. I am a little worried because the sole feels very fragile. I have thought about jut wearing these for inside the house only, we will see though I should at least try letting them have a little walk outside. I think you have to be very careful with very flat shoes because they can become ruined very easily and I really don’t want to wear these Abigail flats out.
I also have some Fat Face wedges from last summer which I plan on making good of this year. I never know what kind of sandals to go for, I am very fussy about them and find it hard to find a pair I like. Have you seen any nice summer shoes or sandals which you think are pretty? As I was typing this I realised it’s likely I never find sandals because the thought of going out with bare legs freaks me out a little. Maybe this is something I should try to get over? It’s not very likely to happen.