Alternative breakfast idea: Soreen

I had forgotten all about good old Soreen till I saw them knocking about in the world of Twitter last week. Their tweets about their different flavours really caught my eye as I had only ever had the original kind. Their bright yellow logo caught my eye and stayed with me all day and the next day I went to the shop with the intention of buying the banana Soreen but there was only one pack left and someone had squashed it so I went for the cinnamon & raisin loaf. I knew I would like the cinnamon & raisin loaf because cinnamon is one of my favourite flavours. I was right, the loaf tasted perfect and has been a good alternative to having toast or porridge for breakfast. 
I like to have some Soreen and a bunch of grapes ( or other fruit) for breakfast, I find it really fills me up. It’s also handy to take some to work as a mid morning snack on the days when you just don’t have enough time for breakfast.
The Soreen website is colourful, interactive and user friendly. They even have some tips on ways to enjoy Soreen and a big list of all the other flavours they do, I really didn’t realise there were that many kinds of Soreen. I may have to try the toasty loaf after I have had the banana one.
Well sone on fab use of social media Soreen, you sucked me right in and I am delighted! I am going to have a browse at the Soreen blog because it look pretty fun.
Do you like Soreen?