Take a moment away from your laptop this summer..


A little while back I shared an Etsy shop with you called One Fine Dae. After posting about the lovely summer themed pencils (here) I just couldn’t get them out of my mind. A few days later I had put in an order for my very own set of summer themed pencils and they arrived the other week. The pencils arrived within a week or so and are fantastic quality. 
These pencils represent everything I love about summer and the colours of the pencils really put me in a good mood. I think having pretty stationery on your desk can really help motivate you when you have a pile of work to get done. Some people obviously would rather not spend $8.00 on a set of pencils but I think as a one off treat or as a gift there is no harm in splashing out on something which really catches your eye. In this case I can relate to the words on the pencils as they remind me of past summers. I also think they act as a reminder for me to shut down my laptop and go and do the other things I love to do in life. I think many of us can work so hard that we forget to take a moment away from the laptop and relax. Some people are very good at relaxing and not over working but there are some of us who need a reminder. 
I hope these pencils remind you to stop typing and go for a walk with a friend and enjoy a yummy ice cream.