Flowers on my Couleur Pourpre shoes..

I got soaked in the rain/snow on the way home today so it’s a good job I wasn’t wearing the shoes in this photo. I did actually wear these all weekend but only round the house and in the garden. The weather really needs to fix up so I can wear pretty shoes without worrying that they will get ruined in surprise rain. I really haven’t gone very far in my Couleur Pourpre shoes but this has meant I can walk around the house in them and look at the pretty flowers on the end all day. Once the sunshine decides to stick around I plan on wearing these for a walk to the beach with floral summer dresses, pastel or white tights and of course I will have to have a flower in my hair. I sometimes worry that wearing a flower in my hair will be so cheesy (my name is Daisy) and I have also avoided clothes with flowers on   but I have decided I don’t care any more. Cheesy or not I will be wearing floral dresses and flowers in my hair and on my shoes all summer. 
Couleur Pourpre have some very colourful shoes which is why I like them and I hope to get some more soon. I am actually thinking of getting these ones because they are brightly coloured and have a little wedge so they should be fairly comfortable to walk in. I am sure a pair of Vans or Converse will jump in my way and I will have to have a little fight before they let me step away from my usual comfort zone. I just realised that these shoes will also need good weather to be able to be worn so if anyone spots the sunshine would you please ask it to stick around and get involved with mu starting summer early plans.