What I wore: 12/04/2012

Hello! I hope you have all had a good Thursday. I have been soaked a few times in the surprise rain this week which means my cold seems to be getting worse. Brilliant. I hope you haven’t been caught in surprise rain this week.
So this isn’t really a full outfit post but it is was I looked like before I walked out of the house this morning. I got this Topshop coat last summer and it’s just right for the weather we are having now. The only bad thing about this coat and my other Topshop coat which is the same style is that the pockets have holes in, they are rubbish quality and I am not someone who puts much in my pockets but sometimes my iPod or iPhone will go in there. I am going to sew them up this weekend but it has been such a pain as I keep loosing everything I put into my pockets. 
I need to add a back up coat for summer and I am thinking of getting something similar to this one at UO. I also want to find all my blazers for when the rain stops as I am feeling the idea of my oversized navy blazers with colourful hoodies underneath.