Lovea hand cream review

Lovea Bio is one of my top 3 brands from MyPure , it’s once which I got back and re purchase products every other month and recommend it to everyone. I think the price range of their products is very good and you don’t have to break out the piggy bank to treat yourself to a quality product. One of their products I use most days is the nourishing balm I did a review of it back here (I can’t believe I even knew then I couldn’t have cheese) but I would be happy to do a new review of it if anyone is interested as it is a product which I have continued to buy since first trying it from mypure. I also mentioned the nourishing balm in a guest post over at Beauty Butterfly Blog.

For the past month I have been using a hand cream from Lovea c/o Mypure. It smells just like the nourishing balm, which is a sweet nutty scent and has a very smilar texture. My hands have been very dry because of the mixed weather we have been having and I haven’t found this hand cream thick enough for night time. However, during the day I have been applying it about three times which I think is ok and it add instant moisture into my hands. It also doesn’t take too long to dry once you have put it on. I think that this cream is going to be a good one for everyone during summer. I make sure I use a very thick cream in the evening because as the weather keeps jumping from warm to cold my skin has stayed quite dry. Once the summer arrives (hurry up sunshine!) then I think that this cream will be good enough on it’s own. 

Price: £6.99 100ml – I am more than happy to pay this price for a hand cream especially as you get a good amount for your money. When this runs out I will be sure to buy another tube but I think during the winter months I would use something more like the Comvita hand cream as it is very thick. 
I think this is a fab hand cream for everyone but if you are suffering from very dry hands then I would recommend a much thicker cream during the evening and then use this one during the day as it’s not as greasy as the thicker creams are. 
You can find the hand cream here.
What hand cream are you using at the moment?