Maroon bow tie

Shirt – New Look, Bow Tie – Topshop, Hat – UO
So this isn’t the best photo ever but I just came across it when I was going through my photos of the last few months and thought I would share it because I really do love the combination of mustard and maroon. It’s not just the colours that I like in this photo it is also the shirt and bow tie combo. I have always liked this look especially as it is one which can fall into all seasons of the year. I know maroon seems like an a/w shade but I really think it’s going to be fab for this summer if used in small amounts. Wearing a dark bow tie against pastel or white shirts is going to look fantastic, I promise you. I am on the look out for a maroon hoodie and a pair of maroon Vans to wear with summer outfits. 
Do you like bow ties and shirts?
I realise I should have been wearing lipstick here but this photo was taken towards the end of the day and I am not always so good at topping up the little make up I wear during the day. I wish I could be a bit more on top of my make up but it’s just not the way I roll. I have been wearing lipstick more often over the past few weeks and applying it throughout the day so maybe this will continue and I will expand into topping up my blusher.
How many times a day do you top up your make up?