How to store Nespresso Capsules.

I am a huge fan of Nespresso and if you are looking for a new coffee machine then I really recommend investing in a Nespresso machine. I had my first taste of all the Nespresso coffees at Cannes film festival (oh yes, I had to drop that) because they were supplying us with free coffee for the whole event. Free coffee is always a bonus in any situation you are in but being at Cannes film festival made it a little more special. The Nespresso marketing team clearly did a good job but then again, a fantastic product  I am now lucky enough to be living back at home for a while which means I can now use the Nespresso machine my dad got back in January. It is just as good as I remembered in Cannes and maybe even better. We last had a Gaggia which was good but no where near as good as the Nespresso machine.

We spent a very long time trying to decide how to store the coffee pods. We spoke of buying one the special Nespresso stands or holders but finally stumbled across a big vintage glass vase to store all the coffee pods in. I really like vintage homeware because you can find such unique pieces and at such fab prices (usually). If you are looking for somewhere to store Nespresso pods or even jewellery then you should search charity shops and car boot sales to find unique jars vases to store them in. Remember that just because an item is meant to be used as something else it doesn’t mean you can’t change it’s use. When we are running low on coffee pods we keep them in a medium sized milk jar because the green vase is very big.

I have just made a huge order of coffee because a voucher we should have got when we purchased the machine has just been credited to our account. I would also like to add at this point that the customer service team at Nespresso are fantastic. They really make sure they help you with any problems you have and are very friendly. Good customer service is something which needs to be at the core of every business.