Heart shaped footprint

Hello everyone! I went to London last Saturday to meet up with Lucy and Jo (more on that in another post). I went extra early so I could have a full day in London and found myself jumping on the early train into the city to explore before meeting my lovely friends. I spent a few hours walking about London, I didn’t have a plan I just knew I would start at Covent Garden and go in the direction of the Vans shop. I find that when I am on my own I take in my surroundings more than when I am with a group of people. I know this may be obvious because when you are with others you spend your time talking and laughing but I really do love taking in the world around me via my lens. I found some interesting shops and also stumbled across Fopp which is one of my favourite shops to buy books, films and music. I find that walking around on my own with my camera in hand means I end up taking many more photos than I usually would and finding lots of interesting shops. You really should try it some time, it’s good to be able to enjoy spending time with yourself. 
heart on floor

I spotte a heart on the floor where the rain hadn’t hit and I had to stop and take a few photos. I like it when you find hearts and other shapes in interesting places, places they aren’t meant to be. This surprise heart really made me smile and it could have easily been missed. I like to think that it has a little meaning, this heart shaped footprint was there because it was lost, maybe someone dropped it or maybe it means that love is just around the corner.

I really like this photo because it clearly shows my love for Converse which is true but I feel a little guilty because I also love Vans. I know this sounds silly, you can’t feel guilty when it comes to showing your shoes some love can you? I do, so I guess yes, you can feel guilty. Our clothes all hold memories or feelings and I guess that’s what my Vans and Converse do for me. I have had so many adventures during my life wearing these brands of trainers and I think that’s because they let me walk for miles. As much as I like sky high heels and flatforms I just haven’t had many adventures in them, I can’t walk all day long in them and just get lost which is something I really like doing. I must say that I haven’t had enough chances to wear my flatforms but I do plan on changing this. I want to try wearing flatforms on days out because they do look and feel like they have potential to keep my feet happy when I am walking so maybe soon I will be having more of a connection with my flatforms.