Wear colours that make you happy..

Mavala Nail varnish
I am still wearing Touch of Provence c/o Mavala at the moment. I think it’s a lovely summery candy shade and as we have been having rain nearly everyday here in the UK I have needed a pretty colour to cheer me up in the mornings. We all have different colours that make us feel good, I sometimes feel best in black and other times feel good in yellow. It depends on my mood, the weather and the time of year as to what colours cheer me up. I always say this but starting with your nails is the best place. Sometimes we can be restricted by a work uniform or a school uniform so nail varnish is where we can have a little fun. I am sure many of you who stop by my blog are still in school or even 6th form and will have to abide by a dress code. I realise that isn’t fun and you should make the most of being creative when it comes to nail varnish. I promise that colour can make a big difference to your day.