Freemans sell pretty dresses!

When I got an email from Freemans regarding a little work together my first thought was “aren’t they the old fashioned catalogue company from back when I was a kid“. It was silly of me to not think they would have moved with the times and not only be a catalogue but also be based online with a website stocking really fab clothes. I didn’t think I wouldn’t find anything I liked on the website and after a few minutes of research I found out how shockingly wrong was I. I spent a little too much time browsing through their dress section and found that I had a bunch of tabs left open with dresses that were perfect for my style. I think many of you will also like the dresses (and Converse) that Freemans have on their website, they stock a wide variety of brands with a nice mix of price ranges to suit everyone.
 I would like to state that I wasn’t asked to write this post, I was honestly very surprised to see how on trend Freemans are these days and thought you would be interested to know too. 
 The first dress I fell in love with was the Glamorous Bird Print Chiffon Dress, I think most of you know I like animal themed clothes and this dress is ideal for me. If I decide to buy this dress I plan to wear it for work as well as for long walks on the beach during summer. I even think this is something I would wear in the evening and just change from Converse to a heel. The Vero Moda 60’s Style Shift Dress is another classic style for me. I (as the rest of the blogging world) love the Wednesday Adams look and this is a sexed up version of the black dress with white collar we all know and love. This is a dress which I think is wearable during the day, to work or in the evening. It’s all about the shoes you style the dress with. You can make most dresses wearable in the evening (the styles I pick anyway)  by simply adding a heel and during work a pair of black flats would be fine with it. Oh my, I really do love this dress. I think that both of these dresses would carry you in to autumn (I nearly wrote fall then) and I like a dress which you can wear all year round.


I have two more dresses I want to share with you and these are a little more colourful than the first two but again they are dresses which I think can be worn in many situations. When I buy a dress I like it to be versatile. I am known for wearing my day clothes in the evening and spicing them up with a heel and accessories. I think that the Vero Moda Printed Zip Dress is beautiful and could be work to work with a cardigan and flats. It isn’t a colour I would normally go for but I really like the shape of it and the pop of yellow throughout it. I would personally add a yellow shirt under this for work or maybe a peach one though I don’t any peach shirts at the moment. The second versatile dress is this blue Glamorous Shift Dress with Belt. I would personally add a baby pink belt to this dress or even a bright yellow depending on my mood. This is another dress which you can wear to work, as a casual outfit or with heels in the evening. 


It was hard for me to select only 4 dresses to share with you in this post. I have a huge collection of my favourite dresses on my wish-list but I didn’t want to overcrowd this post. It’s likely I will share some more items of clothing from the Freemans website over on my Facebook or Twitter page.
What do you think of the dresses I found on the Freemans website?

Did you spot my link to the pink polka dot Converse? I would love to know your thoughts on them because I am in two minds about getting them. I think they would look cute with denim cut offs or baby blue dresses.