April 5th.. my birthday

Hello everyone. Today was my birthday and I have had a lovely evening. This is just me checking in with you all to say thank you for the emails and Twitter messages, you all really make me smile so much. I was in work all day and didn’t feel well at all but managed to go for a yummy Mexican meal in Norwich with my family and have a cocktail, yes just one cocktail. Me and my sister then looked around a few shops and debated buying these and then head home to Suffolk. I am sure I can make up the lack of cocktails on another night, this evening was perfect for how I have been feeling. I am now going to jump into bed and read. I have a selection of books from the library and also got a few books from my friend Helen for my birthday so I have plenty to choose from. I hope you all had a good day and are ready to enjoy the Easter weekend. I will be posting more tomorrow and am sorry this is just a mini update. 
I am not someone who shouts about my birthday. Some people bang on about it for weeks before and have a birthday weekend, a birthday week or even in some cases a birthday month planned out. I don’t object to this and I always enjoy other people and their birthday celebrations but I really don’t like having a huge fuss made about it. I like to do something with my family or with close friends but I am not one to organise a big party or huge night out. I also don’t like surprises.. I know, I know, how boring of me. The thought of a surprise party scares me, I wont lie about that. However, everyone who knows me well knows this little bit of information about me. If you really want to surprise me with a trip to Paris (other places are more than acceptable) or even one of these then I wouldn’t complain. It would be rude of me. It’s curious though, I really like to organise parties and surprise gatherings for other people. What an odd ball I am.

Edit: I also wanted to add that we shouldn’t worry about getting old. There is so much to do in life and we are lucky each year that we make it to our next birthday. Some people don’t manage it, so please don’t worry or be scared of growing another year older.

Thanks again for your beautiful messages in the world of social media. x 
Do you let everyone know about your birthday or do you keep it on the D LO?