Chash Tea: Ayurvedic ‘Harmony’

I have found a tea which after the first sip shot right up to fit in with my top 5 teas. This tea is Ayurvedic ‘Harmony’ which was sent to me in a sample size by Chash Tea but I will be purchasing a full bag of this at the weekend when I get a little time to do some online shopping. I think I will buy the loose tea as opposed to the tea bags and you can find the loose tea version here.

Ayurvedic ‘Harmony’ is made with: Tulsi herb, green rooibos, ginger bits, cinnamon, vervain, chamomile blossom, lavender blossom and rosebuds.

I personally love rose tea, ginger tea and cinnamon tea so a tea which contains three of my favourite tastes is going to be something I will like. When I took the first sip it was like an explosion of all my favourite flavours, it was almost like the drink from Alice in Wonderland because I could taste a different flavour each time as I was drinking the tea. 

Tulsi is used to boost your immune system so I think that if you were to drink this tea daily then it would help to prevent you getting colds, like echinacea does. I am back at home now and as my cold just seems to be getting worse by the day I will be finishing off this sample pack and will be sure to order some more this weekend. I think that all kinds of herbal teas will have benefits to your body because they are so natural and you don’t really need to add anything else to them. If you are someone who likes to have sweet tea then you could always add Manuka honey to this or any other herbal tea. Manuka honey is really good for your immune system and also for your skin. I need to buy some more Manuka honey actually, I hear that you can now find it in the supermarkets as well as shops like Holland and Barrett 
My strawberry tea strainer is my favourite one from that tea shop in Convent garden which I can’t remember the name of. It’s near the Dr Martens shoe shop I think and round the corner from UO. I am on the look our for some new fun tea strainers, have you seen any about? 
I usually drink this tea in the evening as I find it has a very cosy tate to it, maybe that’s the cinnamon in it. Do you drink many kinds of tea, what have you been drinking most of this week? As I am typing this I am making a coffee, it’s ok to be a tea and coffee fan because they are both such good companions in daily life.