Penpals in 2012: Thyladysays

I have been very lucky to be getting many letters from all around the world and I will be sharing them all with you over the next few days. The first is from my lovely friend Jennifer over at the blog Thyladysays, she is my long term penpal who I adore. Her blog is so beautiful and there is always something interesting to read and fab photos to accompany the words. You must check her blog out, it wont be a let down. I promise. 
I will be doing separate reviews of all the lovely things Thyladysays sent to me. I can’t wait to use the makeup because I have never used either of the makes before so it’s very exciting for me. You can spot a big green flower amongst all the fab things, I haven’t stopped wearing this necklace. It’s just fantastic and goes with many things. I am sure you will see it in an outfit post soon.

I have been wearing the lovely bird brooch so much and I am sure you will see it in an outfit post this weekend. Do you ever make mix cds? I have one ready to send to Jennifer and she sent me one within this package and I think it’s such a fun idea. I am yet to listen to the CD because I have been so busy dashing all the way to work for the week and then scooting back on a Friday and filling my weekends with more train journeys to London. This evening I plan on listening to the CD whilst I sit in bed with a magazine and I am really looking forward to it.

Many of the postcards and drawings Jennifer sends to me I pretty much always put onto my inspiration wall. Do any of you have an inspiration wall? I find having an inspiration wall helps to reminded me of lovely memories, things that give me motivation and inspiration for my current projects and also images that will make me smile. I really recommend doing one, it’s like a scrapbook but on your wall, like Pinterest but on your wall. You wake up and go to sleep with it.


Well, what can I say about these fantastic earrings? I know, they make me think of Slash, I love Slash so that is fantastic. I am pretty sure you can all tell why they make me think of him, so I feel like I have Guns & Roses on my ears when I am wearing them which is brilliant.


As always there was a letter waiting for me amongst all the gifts. I got some new writing paper the other week and have started writing a reply to my lovely friend. The best thing about penpals is that you can connect with someone on the other side of the world who has the same interests as you and that is something special. It’s fun getting to know people and I think writing letters and sending little gifts makes it all very exciting. Will the rise in the stamp prices stop me from having penpals, no not at all I think it’s worth it and it’s something I really enjoy doing.
Do you have any penpals?