Keep your feet dry with Hunter ankle wellies

I have been walking to work in my mini ankle Hunter boots because the rain in Norwich has been just like the Manchester rain which I was once used to. I find my mini ankle Hunter boots really handy for when I am in the city, I don’t think it would be quite ok to rock up to work in my muddy full length Hunter boots so I keep those for my countryside life. I have always worn wellies through my life, I seem to live in places where the rain likes to hang out and I also find that I walk through fields and splash in puddles more than the usual person.

I remember going to Glastonbury a few years back and someone questioned why I was wearing hunters, why would I pay out for wellies when one can buy a pair for £7.00. That person had wet feet for the majority of our time in Glastonbury and their wellies went in the bin before we left. I am sure they purchased another pair of cheap wellies the following year which of course is going to add up over the years and it sucks when you get wet feet. I was lucky and had comfortable, dry feet for the whole of my stay at Glastonbury and for the following few years that I was there. Not only this but I had already owned my Hunters (and still do) for a few years before this so the cost of my boots spread out over the years really isn’t very much.  There are of course other brands on the market other than good old Hunters but I am used to them and really can’t fault them.  I wouldn’t mind trying Agile wellies but I am not sure when that would be because I don’t think I will be needing to update my wellies any time soon.

What Shoes do you find yourself wearing in the rain? I find that sometimes (in the city) it’s not always acceptable to be wearing wellies even if the rain drops are as large as my face but I think there is nothing worse that wet feet. You have to forget what others are thinking and just keep your feet dry as it’s not healthy to have cold and wet feet. It’s easy enough to pop a change of shoes into your bag for once you arrive at work. Stay dry kids.

I didn’t wear my wellies to work today, I wore my Vans (with heels to change into) and it’s raining real bad outside, real bad.