Visiting London – April 2012

I went to meet up with Lucy and Jo in London the other week and had a really lovely day out. I arrived extra early so that I would make full use of my train ticket. If i have time I like to jump on the bus instead of the tube and just look at the streets of London going by as I head to my destination. This time I was heading to Convent Garden and form there I walked around exploring a little till it was time to meet up with Lucy and Jo. The last time I had seen them was at the Christmas blogger meet up so there was lots to catch up on.
I wore my Pink Topshop dress, Converse and my Great Plains coat and took a little photos whilst in UO which I am pretty sure I put on Instagram. You can find me on Instagram under -prettygreentea .. naturally.
Lucy and Jo showing each other a little love on the China town streets. We visited lots of shops around Covent Garden and other areas but didn’t do much shopping till after lunch. I got a dress in Monki, some DVDs and a few other bits and bobs. 
I love to walk around London and just take all the little details in. I found this pretty area below whilst heading to the tiny Vans shopping hidden down a back street. I also found Fopp around this area which was one of my favourite shops in Manchester so I couldn’t resist a few cheap DVDs. 
I sometimes forget how busy London is at the weekends so whilst Lucy and Jo were looking around a shop I kept myself amused by snapping a few photos in mirrors. I don’t do so well in overly crowded shops, you can never take the time to look at things and people are always pushing you out of the way. 
These two girls have pretty nails and jewellery. Lucy made me a very pretty necklace for my birthday which I don’t have a photo of but I will be sharing it in a post soon. Thank you Lucy!
We went to China town to grab some very yummy lunch. I am actually heading to London tomorrow and thinking of trying to find the same place we went to though I don’t know the name of it. 

Thank you for a lovely day girls and hopefully we can arrange another meet up and maybe next time some others would like to join us.