Start wearing purple

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a fab weekend. Another week has gone by and we are landing at 30th April tomorrow, that’s a little scary. The month of April has gone by very fast, a little too fast for my liking. During April I turned 25 and have been thinking about the next step I want to take. The thinking is still on going but I will be sure to keep you updated on this. April has also seen me learning new skills such as knitting and becoming even more focused on the things I love in life (photography, film and music). Oh and you must always remember that age doesn’t mean anything. If you want to do something or learn a new skills you can do it at any age because ‘age’ is just a number. 
I have been wearing lots of bright colours over the last few weeks and this week was all about purple. If you checked the link just before you will have listend to a fab song of which I sometimes think about it’s meaning. It could be about a crazy woman dressing in purple because it’s comforting and warm. It could also mean that people who wear purple want to stand out form the crowd by wearing this bright and loving colour. I am happy to grow as a crazy woman who loves purple because it makes me feel good. My Vagabond Gaga shoes are very comfortable and give me just enough height to make me feel a little more confident. I wear black tights most of the time when I am in work so it’s good to break up the black with some fun brightly coloured shoes.

On my nails I wore a smilar shade of purple to my shoes. I have been using No7 Vivid Violet which I got a while back when they had those £5.00 off vouchers in Boots. The No7 nail varnish is usually £7.00 so when those vouchers are flying around in Boots you pay just £2.00. I think £2.00 is a nice price for an impulsive nail varnish purchase (when a voucher is presented to you) on a rainy day.