Living Nature Concealer Review

I have been using Living Nature for quite some time now, I have used a wide variety of their products over the last year or so and have always been very happy with them. I was kindly sent an item from their make-up range to try out a few months back and this is another product I am very pleased with and I will be purchasing again when I run out. I am always on the look out for concealer and open to trying new ones because I suffer from insomnia which means I have little dark circles around my eyes which need to be hidden.

Living Nature Concealer – Price: £16.00 – This 7ml tube has already lasted for just under 4 months and there still seems to be a fair bit in it and I think it will last another month or just over. The price of this then works out at £4.00 a month, £1.00 a week and it will actually be less than this because the tube hasn’t finished yet. I think that when you know a product is going to last you for a good few months and is ok for your skin it makes it much easier to part with your money.

I only use this under my eyes and over any little spots I get (when I have had dairy by mistake) so I am not having to use large quantities of it. I have been using it every day and have never experienced any problems from it with my skin. The only little tip I would give you is to not put too much on. You only need a small amount to cover up anything you don’t want to be visible other wise it becomes a little too thick. However, if you use a very thick foundation then I am sure that will be ok, I use a thin foundation or tinted moisturiser so I don’t like my concealer too thick. I would also go for the medium shade and not the light shade next time.


What Living Nature say:

 We believe that when it comes to beauty solutions, nature has the best answers. Everything in nature works in a certain way. In this modern world it is so easy to forget that we are nature.