My comfortable high shoes.

I have a wide selection of beautiful sky high heels that I have worn once and fallen over or twisted my ankle in. They now sit looking pretty on a shelf but unworn since their first outing. From time to time I try to be the girl who can walk with confidence and without worry that she will twist her ankle walking down the stairs. I shouldn’t be so foolish, that’s not me. I need to learn to stick to what I know and what my feet feel comfortable in.
Purple Flatforms
I plan on making my way up in height from Vans to flatforms, wedges and then I will jump back on those heels… maybe. After having a good chat with myself (yes, really) I decided to avoid crazy heels and decided to get another pair of flatforms. This time I went for the Vagabond variety and I really couldn’t be happier with them and plan on getting more soon. My last pair of flatforms were form ASOS (you can see them here) and needed to be stretched a little before I wore them but the Vagabond ones were good to go as soon as they arrived.

I have my eye on these beauties. 

What shoes do you feel most comfortable in? You all know that my go to shoe is a good pair of Converse or Vans. However, I am wearing my flatforms in work more often and they are very comfortable and comfort and extra height is always a good thing. I walk to work in my Vans but I am almost feeling reading to walk in my flatforms, who knows if I will do such a thing. Time will tell.