Blogs I enjoyed in April.

I always start these posts by letting you all know that I read and enjoyed many more than the small selection within these posts. The ones which I selected during the month of April were new to me or really stood out. I hope you all enjoy them and don’t forget to link me to your blogs so I can continue adding to my reading list.


Each blog is unique and full of lovely photography but I will leave you to go and explore them.

Renate svindland – Beautiful photography and life stories.

Wunderkammern – Very pretty photography and travel. 

Pink Bow – Everything from film, fashion, photography and much more.

Yanagraphy – Art, photography and lifestyle.

Seven Autumn Leaves – Fashion, travel and photography.
I think the world of blogging is very exciting and I don’t think that will ever fade for me. There is the opportunity to find new blogs each day which you find you really connect with. Having a sneaky peek into someones life, through their lens or their mind is beautiful and opens us up to new interests, questions and ways of thinking. As a blogger people think you share every detail about your life, but that’s not true. We share snapshots of our life, frozen moments and selected thoughts. So much more goes on that we don’t put onto our blogs but it’s the moments we choose to share which make each and every blog so very special.