I hope a rat is wearing my hat..

I went to London with G last Saturday and had a lovely day shopping and diving into coffee shops to hide from the rain. I was wearing one of my favourite hats from H&M which had sone a very good job at keeping hair dry all day. However, I was walking down the stairs into the tube station and I thought “I must make sure I take my hat off or at least hold onto it when we get to the track” – as this thought was passing through my mind the wind stole my hat. It took my hat right off my head and I watched as my it flew towards the tube track and landed right in the middle of it. Yes, that’s right my hat was now sitting in the middle of the tube tack and started to fly further into the depths of the underground. I was very upset but all I could let myself focus on was that it was only a hat, there is always something much worse that could have happened. 
I have since been into H&M, looked on their website and spent time searching on Ebay but it seems I will have no luck with finding a replacement for my lovely hat. Here are two photos from when I first got the hat, if anyone does spot a similar one in a local H&M shop then please do let me know so I can try and contact them to buy another. 

The loss of a favourite item of clothing or accessory is more painful than one would imagine. To me, clothes are like music, they both hold memories and connections to certain people, certain times of your life and they encourage feelings from those times. I find that if I have clothes which are connected to times of my life or situations I would rather loose connection with then I will take them to charity shop. Clothes which hold good memories for me will stick around in my wardrobe for years, it doesn’t matter how tatty or old they become because they still are full of good memories and that’s all that matters. I had a good old pair of white Converse which hung around for about 5 years, they were once white but ended up a dark shade of grey and towards the end of their life they became unwearable. I had to get rid of them in the end but I kept hold of them and wore them for as long as I could. I think I have mentioned them many times on this blog and that alone shows you what good memories and times I had with them. 
My beautiful H&M hat was a gift from my dad, he spotted it whilst we were walking around H&M and got it for me. He of course knows how much I like hats and knew that this would one would suit me well (which it really did) and go well in my collection. So although I had this hat for less than half a year it already held some lovely memories and that is why I have just dedicated a whole blog post to it. I know it seems silly to be sad over loosing an item of clothing but sometimes it can’t be helped and I want you all to know that it’s ok to be sad over loosing something. It’s not because you are materialisti but more because you had a connection with that item and in a way you have lost a physical part of those memories. I am sensible in the fact that I knew something much worse than my hat being taken away by the tube could have happened and I just kept on with my journey home but I still miss it a little.

I really hope that a rat is wearing my hat, at least I would know that it’s not lonely. Maybe it’s hanging out with all the other lost hats in the underground.