Cows in Southwold stick together..

Cow 7
Cow 6 Cow 5 Cow 4 Cow 3 Cow 2 Cow 1
On Sunday I went for a lovely walk around Southwold, the weather was warm and I had my camera in my hand. I was walking by some fields when I noticed all the cows acting a little unusual, in the distance I could see one cow walking across the golf course and realised this would be why they were all so worried. She has escaped from her field and was making her way into the town, I think she actually stopped in another field to check out the grass and as far as I know her owners soon helped her back to her usual field. Her friends and family in her field will have been pleased as they were all very distressed that she had marched out of the field. I took advantage of the cows being close to the path where I was and snapped a few photos. Don’t worry, they all signed consent forms.