Must have nail varnish summer 2012

Mavala Prettygreentea
We have had beautiful weather in the UK this week and I hope you have all had the chance to enjoy it. I am finally having the chance to get out into the warm weather today and will be heading down to the beach with a magazine. I have once again been wearing Romantic by Mavala on my nails this week as it goes well with the lovely weather. Romantic has the perfect summer feel to it and does a good job at not chipping as I type away on my computer all week.

I have used Romantic quite often since I got it from a local shop in February and I really think this is a colour everyone should have in their summer nail varnish collection. Today I am wearing a white dress and I simply can’t get over how lovely Romantic looks against the dress. I will be sharing photos of today’s outfit in another post. I am not saying that Romantic is the only colour you should have in your nail varnish collection for summer, but it’s definitely one which should be within it. I have my eye on a few pastel shades to add to my summer collection and I will be keeping you updated with the ones I go for. 

What colours have you been wearing on your nails this week?