Music I have been listening to – 21.05.2012

I keep trying to listen to the radio every morning when I get into the car but I just can’t seem to handle it. At 7 am it seems to be loud talking and shouting with the odd song here and there. I don’t mind talk shows, I actually really enjoy them especially late at night but it bores me a little when it’s all about shout outs to other people. What I need at 7am is some fab music to get my day off to a good start. 
Over the last two weeks I have had a few albums in my car which I have grabbed from the top one of my boxes of music. I have quite a lot of music and at the moment it’s all stored away in boxes since I have moved and am not sure where I will be heading next. I do plan on picking out a selection of albums from one of the boxes so I can have a wider selection of music for my morning drive to the station. Here are a few songs which have made it on during my morning journey to the station.

The xx, Example (his first album not recent ones), Lightspeed Champion and Black Sabbath. 

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