Dreaming of a Western adventure

Prettygreentea cowboy boots

Hello to those of you passing by my blog and a big thank you for your support. Here we are looking at my fantastic Bronx boots again, sometimes I can’t get over how much I really do like them. It’s so nice to have a pair of shoes that I feel 100% comfortable in. These cowboy boots give me a little height and yet are delightfully comfortable, what more could I ask for in a shoe. If you are also on the look out for shoes with a cowboy feel then may I suggest checking out Koah.

My longing to spend the summer on a cowboy ranch has not faded, I actually think it would make for a  good photography project. Documenting a western adventure is something I think people would be interested in, I know I would love to know more about the cowboy way of life. In this nosey world we live in we all love to have a little look into the way people live their lives and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Well, there are some aspects of it which are negative, for example – stalking ‘celebrities’ and taking photos of them with an 800mm lens whilst they are trying to have some private time on holiday is intrusive and something the public don’t need to know about. However, what we do need is more documentaires and accounts of the way people live their life within their own culture (people willing to be involved) so that we can expand our knowledge about the world we live in. Aday is a fab project that happened on 15th May 2012, I hope more similar projects pop up.

If anyone knows about pitching ideas to publishers then please let me know as I have a few ideas which I need to start doing something with.