Caine’s Arcade

I just came across this fantastic video by Nirvan Mullick who fell into the world of Caine’s Arcade and brought it to the attention of not only LA but the world through social media and a beautifully shot video. Caine is a big fan of arcades and decided to build his own arcade within his dads shop, he used empty boxes, string and his old toys as prizes. It was very clear from the video that Caine was full of motivation and passion which are the two essential skills for any entrepreneur. The fact that he started his own little business as opposed to playing computer games (I love computer games but in moderation) shows this little kid has a bright future ahead of him. 
Caine also gives inspiration to those of us who talk about doing things or even dream about them but never manage to take those first steps of putting our love and passion into a fully functioning project. You have to get up and do things to achieve your goals, you can’t wait for someone to come along and give you a helping hand. 
You can make a donation towards Caine’s college fund and if they hit the target of 250k then the Goldhirsh Foundation will match the total and donate it to “Caine’s Arcade Foundation” to help support other amazing kids. Find our more here.