Bluebells in the woods

The other week I went walking in the woods to look at the bluebells which was a very enjoyable morning. I think I will remember to take a flask of coffee next time and sit down on a fallen tree to take in the surroundings whilst keeping warm. The weather wasn’t very good but the woods were just as beautiful as ever. I want to try to go walking in the woods more often, I really enjoy being in that kind of setting. I also find that there is always something new to photograph as everything is always changing with the weather and season when you are in the woods and it’s the small details that really show. I like to walk in the opposite direction of the path, I think the whole point of walking in the woods is to get lost exploring where others don’t go. You have to be prepared to get covered in mud, ladders in your tights and twigs in your hair when you go walking in the woods. 
My Hunter ankle wellies came in useful again, I don’t seem to stop wearing them these days. The Hunter website doesn’t seem to have the same boots as mine but you can get some very similar in black and white here.
Forest 4
Forest 15
Forest 3
Forest 6
Forest 13