Photographing the world on a single day.

Here is a photography project which everyone can get involved with – Aday. Use your mobile phone, your Canon 7D or maybe a vintage camera to document Tuesday 15th May. If you decide to take part you will join together with people from around the world to inspire perspectives on humankind today and in the future.
All the images will be on the website for all to enjoy, some will be picked to go in a book and even digital exhibitions. Most of all they will be there for future generations to come and explore a part of your life. The project was initiated by the Expressions of Humankind Foundation and it is supported by a global advisory council and scientific council. 
I think that this project will be fun for everyone who takes the time and effort to get involved. As bloggers we like to share snippets of our life with others and store some of our memories within our own space on the internet. We enjoy reading blogs from all around the world which helps us to learn about different cultures and compare different ways of life. That is what I enjoy doing anyway and I get a little feeling that it’s what you will all like too. I think that Aday is ideal for bloggers to get involved with because not only will you share your day via your lens but you will be joining many other people doing the same thing on that day. I am really looking forward to comparing my 15th May with someone else on the other side of the world.
You will be able to upload 10 photographs from your day between 15th May and 22nd May. There is also a little guide to what you could photograph here. It’s very flexible but three categories have been created which each contain sub categories to give you a little guidance. I have taken a screenshot of what the categories look like but if you head over to the website you will find out much more information.
I thought I would also insert the upload tutorial here for those of you who wish to find out more before 15th May arrives. Do let me know if any of you decide to take part, I have already signed up under the username Prettygreentea (of course) and I am really looking forward to documenting my day on Tuesday 15th May. Oh and there is also a lovely promo video here

Your photos of today will inspire tomorrow.