Prettygreentea fairies

Waking up to the sun shining through my bedroom window is one of the most simple yet satisfying things to happen in my day. As soon as I feel the rays from the sun waking me up I know it’s going to be a good day. The weather really does make a big difference in my mood and motivation for the day and I don’t think I am alone in this. I notice the mood of people around me change when the sun comes out, people seem to enjoy and embrace life much more. I think this reason alone is enough for the sunshine to stick around for a while.

I have been enjoying taking photos of all the beautiful flowers which are around at the moment. The sunshine has made me start going on more walks, today I went on three! I also find that colours of the flowers give me inspiration for what I wear each day. Do you find that you are inspired by nature? 

Flower prettygreentea
I have been wearing my lovely Couleur Pourpre shoes around the house again. I feel like a little fairy when I where these shoes because they are so dainty and have a beautiful flower on them. Yes, I imagine that fairies would have shoes with flowers on, pretty lace dresses and their wings would be a variety of pastel shades. These would be the Prettygreentea fairies and they would be delightfully friendly and helpful.

Enough about fairies and back the topic of shoes. I used to wear flat shoes everyday, I now try to make sure they aren’t too flat even though I miss feeling like a fairy. I find that wearing these shoes in the house or round the garden is just fine but if I am going on one of my many long walks then it’s not kind to my feet to wear such a flat shoes.

Prettygreentea shoes2
I must mention that the tights I am wearing are from Topshop and although they are a lovely colour I wont be buying them again. These tights fall down with every step you take and I think we all know how silly you look when you stop to pull your tights up every few minutes but I believe everyone has to deal with this at some point in the week. 
Shoes Prettygreentea