Rooting tooting cowboy boots

I have been getting cavings for very specific scenes and settings over the last few weeks, they come and go over the years, they are always with me but at times become stronger. I keep getting a longing to be driving down a long stretch of empty road in a beautiful car heading to an american ranch. I also long to be in a log cabin in Canada with a glass of whisky in one hand and a good book in the other. I know that these things are very specific but I can’t help it, it’s the same feeling that I have towards 1950’s America.

To satisfy my cravings I have been researching and channeling Cherokee Indians, cowboys and Canada via the things I wear. I have always loved cowboy boots, I think they look fab on and they are comfy and have a little heel which is ideal for me. It’s been a while since I owned a pair, I think it was last summer actually but they didn’t last long. Having owned many pairs of cowboy boots in my life I have learned that you must invest in a good quality pair, once you do this then you are set for life because they don’t die easily. I am now the very happy owner of a pair of Bronx cowboy boots which I can already tell you are fantastic quality and beautifully designed. Having a pair of cowboy boots back in my life has helped to satisfy a few of my longings. I think a pair of shoes is a good way to start channeling something you want because they help to give you confidence and happiness which is key to achieving your goals (longings, cravings whatever you want to call them). I don’t care if something is on trend or if it makes me look like I am stuck in another era. I like to wear what makes me feel good and what I like which right now is cowboy boots. I actually have my eyes on a pair of Sendra boots at the moment, I can’t get over how badass they look and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

You can tell a lot about someone from their shoes. My biggest downfall is that I may..a little bit.. judge (first impressions) someone on their shoes, it’s the first thing I notice and I find that shoes always make a lasting impression. Of course I don’t hold it against someone if I don’t like their shoes, I simply move on from it and take in all the other qualities of a person.. I am just saying that shoes are one of the first things I notice about people. Maybe I like shoes a little too much.

Do you ever wear cowboy boots?

Do you care what others think about the clothes you pick?