The relaunch of the Cutty Sark

On the 26th April 2012 the Cutty Sark relaunched and you can now board one of the worlds most famous ships. You can walk the decks, beneath the boat and once you are done exploring you can sit underneath the ship and sip Cutty Sark inspired Twinings tea whilst taking everything in. I had of course heard about the Cutty Sark before but I never really knew much about it. I have been reading more about the Cutty Sark history and have found out that although she had many owners she was originally built to go to China in pursuit of tea. Her first voyage was in 1870 to China and she also had 8 more voyages as a tea clipper. The Cutty Sark is now the only remaining tea clipper in existence so I know I will be making sure to visit over the next month.

I am a big fan of old fashioned maps, I think they are beautiful and the one above shows the route the Cutty Sark took. I would like to have some vintage maps framed in my home one day, when (if) I finally settle somewhere that is. I also would like to learn to sail, it’s something I have always wanted to do and researching the Cutty Sark has brought up my longing to sail. For now I will be sticking to drinking Cutty Sark inspired tea but I do plan on looking into my interest of sailing, don’t let me forget. You can buy Cutty Sark tea from Twinings in a green and a black blend. I think the little Cutty Sark Twinings tea caddies are very pretty and would look lovely by the kettle. 
Will you be going to visit the Cutty Sark?
Do any of you sail?