Pure Tea: The best mint tea so far…

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Pure Fresh Tea kindly sent me some tea to try and the first one I am sharing with you is Natural Mint. I don’t ever pick mint tea, I usually go for green but after trying Natural Mint by Pure Fresh Tea I can honestly say I really enjoyed it and may start incorporating it into my afternoon tea selection. I often find that the mint tea you can find in the supermarkets (many brands) taste quite bitter which is why I normally stay away from it. The Natural Mint tea however tastes beautifully soft and light and would be perfect as a follow on from an evening meal or after lunch at work. Mint tea is also caffeine free which means it is ideal to have in the evening or before bed. Don’t forget that Mint tea is good for your digestion and contains vitamin C. 

The packaging for Pure Fresh Tea is very pretty and keeps teabags very fresh. The presentation box makes it perfect for a present for your friends who love tea. Actually, the Pure Tea Sample Pack would be the perfect gift for someone along with some yummy macaroons.

Price of Natural Mint Tea: £6.45 – 18 boxed pyramid bags.