What I wore: ASOS and Topshop 30/05/12

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a good week. My week was quite draining but I am sure a run tomorrow morning will sort me out. I didn’t run much during the week, I think I only went once and I really need to go each day especially when I feel stressed. The next few days will contain lot’s of photography, running and gin. That’s quite a nice mix I think. 
I went to The Cut on Wednesday night to watch My Week With Marilyn which I really enjoyed and will be posting a review over the weekend. Before going in to watch the film we had some food, I picked a plate of meats (avoiding the cheese) and added some potatoes and washed it all down with ginger beer. It was real tasty and if any of you live in Suffolk then do visit The Cut for their cinema nights and try the food, the service is fab too and everyone there is a volunteer which I think is fantastic. I hope to try and get involved with some volunteering there in the near future. 
I wore that damn blue lace Topshop dress again, I have worn it too much and it will be going to the back of my wardrobe for a while along with the pink one. I decided to to wear my bright yellow ASOS flatforms because yellow and blue is one of my top 5 colour combinitations. I haven’t had the chance to wear my ASOS flatforms for a while and it made me realise I need to let them shine more. I was lazy and put my hair in a messy topknot with my fantastic Kikichoo bag to hold my notebook and purse.

Do you find that if you find an item of clothing which you feel good in then you can easily end up wearing it too much? I always seem to have this problem and I am going to try and change this over the next few weeks. I have so many clothes and shoes yet I always grab the ones I know will be quick and easy to style. This then means I wear the same things all the time and it just gets boring and before you say anything I need to find an alternative to black tights. I think I will be making more of an effort to share outfit photos even if they are just snapped on my iPhone. 

Bag – Kikichoo , flatforms – ASOS, dress –  Topshop