Discover America: How I want to do it..

I was walking out of the tube the other day and an advert caught my eye. It was there for only a few seconds before changing to something else but within those seconds it had hooked me in and I was thinking about it all day. As soon as I was home I searched on Google and was pleased to find the advert along with a fantastic website. You may know I have an interest in Western America and the life of the cowboy. This advert sucked me right in as I spotted the hat and the horse for just a few seconds, this is the kind of America that I want to discover. I want to take a map, close my eyes and stick a pin in it then make my way to that small unknown American town and explore. I like the idea of sitting in a coffee shop or a diner and watching people go about their daily life. One day I will do this, I will discover the life of the American cowboy or at least document a western adventure through my lens.

I would also like to document diners across America. Diners are the other part of America that hold a strange place in my heart. I would like to document them through a photography book but also write about the characters I meet along my trip. I won’t give too much away because maybe one day I will do this. I have visited America before but I have been longing to go back and explore some places which are unknown to me. 

The Discover America website is very exciting. You can organise and research all your travel information from money to accommodation and transport. The website gives you access to explore the different states such as Texas and you can also read a few travel blogs if you fancy.  I think the best feature has to be the page you are greeted with which allows you to ‘explore’. Your eyes are met with beautiful photographs and you simply click on the ones that you like the look of and you are given lot’s of facts about the photograph, tips on where or what to eat and much more information. 
The advert which sucked me in:
Photo found here.

I know I said I have fallen in love with this advert, but as with all adverts there is one tiny thing I don’t like. I don’t think they needed to include “see it”,  keeping a little more simple would have been even better but it did the job of dragging me into the world of Discover America with only a few seconds of seeing the advert.