Lovea Bio shampoo and conditioner review


Lovea Bio is one of my favourite brands (see here), everything in their range is organic and chemical free. When I use regular shampoo (Aussie and Herbal Essence are my favourites) I sometimes get heat lumps on my skin from the sulfate in them. I usually have to be very careful when washing my hair. to ensure I don’t get shampoo all over me. As Lovea Bio is sulfate free and I remember using it a few years back with no complaints I knew I would be just fine with it. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell beautiful. Whenever I am hiding behind my hair I have the pleasure of taking in the beautiful smell of burkina shea butter.

I found the shampoo fantastic, it did a good job of giving my hair lot’s of moisture and taking care of my split ends. I didn’t have any funny reactions or heat lumps from this and I will be buying another bottle very soon.  The conditioner seemed to run out very quickly compared to the shampoo, I think I may have been using too much of it. I felt that one wash with it just wasn’t enough. I am not sure if the water where I now live may be affecting my hair a little because I did read very good reviews of this conditioner and it was said to be fab for dry hair. Just because I didn’t have such a good experience with it this time doesn’t mean you wont, you can read more reviews here. I don’t think I will be buying this conditioner again but I would like to try the moroccan argan shine conditioner and see if I get better results with it.

Price: Shampoo – £4.99, Conditioner – £5.49 

What shampoo have you been using during May?