What I wore and what I saw.

Shoes – Vans, Skirt – Gap.
Snape 8 Snape 9 copy Snape 6 Snape 7 Snape 4 Snape 5 Snape 3 Snape 2 Snape 1

I think a naked tree looks fantastic against the sky. These trees make me think of Tim Burton, it’s as though he dropped some seeds when he went walking and all these beautiful twisty and curly trees started to grow. I took these photos at Snape Maltings , I will tell you more about the shops another time but I was focusing on walking as far as I could and collecting photographs of these magical trees. I want to print a selection of these to frame and have in my bedroom, I am still collecting photographs for trees against the sky, they always look so different but sill have that dark yet intriguing feeling to them.

Today I am going for a walk and will be shooting mainly in film. It’s been such a longtime since I used a film camera and I really must get back into the habit of it. It’s a little more expensive to shoot in film, I picked up a Kodak – 36 – black and white film for about £7.00 in my local shop. When you use film you spend a lot more time thinking about what you are going to shoot and how you want it to look, I think any of you interested in photography should always make sure you take some time to enjoy using film.