The Met Ball Gala – Everyone is beautiful.

The Met ball was back in May, the beginning of May at that and here I am writing about it one month later. Sometimes when it comes to fashion we don’t want to follow the rules, we don’t want to care what people think and you know what? We don’t have to. Sometimes we just want to wear a dress we personally love and think is pretty, what others may think doesn’t and shouldn’t factor into our decisions. Maybe the dress of choice isn’t the most flattering or a style which may not be to the taste of others but if the person wearing it likes it then they should be content in it and have fun wearing it. This is a little more easy for those not in the public eye, we don’t have websites questioning wether we got dressed in the dark or with our eyes closed. Though we still are subject to being judged which is what this post is about. Those who are in the public eye are open to be judged by the world, they will be part of hot or not discussions, best and worst dressed lists and every little detail of their outfit will be commented on.


One of my favourite dresses – Mary-Kate Olsen – The Row Gown. Image here.

What has sparked all this? Well, I logged onto Twitter way back in May on a Tuesday morning, the day after The Met Ball. My Twitter stream was going wild with talk of the best and worst dressed people there. I know that there will always be debate about what someone picks to wear to a big event especially when they are in the public eye, but I really thought that all the negative Tweets regarding what certain people wore was a little over the top. I mean, do people really have that much time to spend talking about the negatives in life? Why not focus on the positives. This topic doesn’t relate only to people in the public eye, the way we talk and treat those people is going to be the way we treat others in our life. Kids are growing up in a society where weight, height, music choice, fashion choice and much more is judged by others. Fashion is just one little aspect which defines our personality and we need to encourage people to explore it and not be scared of it. I guess the point I am trying to make (maybe not very well) is that we need to let people get on with their lives without the worry of what others might think. 

I think sometimes we need to remember that what one person likes may not be another persons cuppa tea but that’s just fine. When I don’t like something I just don’t focus on it as I like to ensure that I keep positive energy around me. I expect Beyonce loved the dress she wore, she probably felt good in it just like Christina Ricci probably did and neither expected and hopefully they didn’t care that they ended up on Yahoo’s “The Worst Looks” list.
I will say it one last time, I believe we can all voice our own opinions and we can all wear whatever we want,. But where do we draw the line with voicing opinions and just letting people get on with making their own choices? We should be setting an example to the next generation, showing them to embrace being unique, having the ability to make their own decisions and most importantly to remember that.. 
fashion is all about having fun, isn’t it?